Biotech Investing Driven by Data

Primary Endpoints wants to help you make smarter, more data-driven Biotech investments. We are revolutionizing the way you view, track, and receive clinical trial data, empowering you to make more timely and profitable biotech investment decisions.


It's time to invest smarter in biotech with Primary Endpoints.

The 1st in Clinical Data Visualization

  • Easily view and track trial progress, and sort clinical trial data based on your own customized timeline.
  • Experience clinical data in a more digestible way with a better user experience.

Crowdsourced Trial Predictions from Industry Experts

  • The only platform showcasing collective wisdom to make informed biotech investments.
  • View trial predictions in real time and track their ongoing discussions.

Get there first

  • Have your eye on a trial? Get notified of important changes/updates to make timely investment decisions.
  • In-depth listings of all current clinical trials gives you an upper head when investing in biotech stocks.

Investing in Biotech made simple.

No more guesswork
Biotech investing can be complicated. Let the clinical experts inform your decisions with our crowdsourced trial outcome predictions.

Customized Watchlists

Set personalized immediate notifications about changes or events related to trials in your customized watch list, complete with progress bars and easy-to-follow visuals.
Good company
Connect with the gurus in biotech investments - or become one yourself. We're a close-knit professional community with bright leaders and avid followers.

Clinical Data: Visualized

Say goodbye to's unruly jungle of data. Our platform provides seamless clinical trial tracking with crisp data visualizations for a better user experience.
Stay well-connected
Join focused discussions with peers; including patients, researchers, and their advocates for first-hand-accounts.
Stay Informed
Opt-in to receive update notifications from your selected Gurus updates, and discuss trial outcomes research, and more with gurus and fellow investors.

Informed Biotech Investments Made Easy

No more endless searching or confusing data sets. Our simple to use platform makes tracking biotech trials easy.

With Primary Endpoints, there are no more shots in the dark. Leverage expert analysis to make the right biotech investments.


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